Many of you drive an hour+ to get to the KAWW meetings. There has been lots of interest in having meetings in more local areas, while still being part of this larger group that meets in the Bluegrass area. Local chapters would be very helpful for encouraging your local farmers to join us!!!

For chapter setup, KAWW is modeling the Weston A Price Foundation:

  • Local groups are organized along the same criteria as KAWW
  • KAWW does not have to be the chapter name or even in the name.
  • Chapters will, however, be identified as being under the umbrella of KAWW on this site.
  • Chapters can have meetings and/or get-togethers, organized as it suits the members.
  • KAWW will organize an annual meeting or conference with plenty of notice so that all chapters can be represented. The annual meeting/conference will be open to the public and feature wellness ag.